The Last Post

For the 12 months prior to the centenary of the Armistice, Sefton Libraries and a team of volunteers have researched the 3,700 names, from World War One, listed upon the borough’s eleven civic war memorials, uncovering the story which lies behind each name.

During the research, we uncovered almost 2,000 last known addresses for those fallen men and women.

Working with a local artist, children from across Sefton created a ‘Last Post’ pack. Alongside information about the project and a comment form, each pack contained details of the person or persons who lived at that address 100 years ago, who went off to war, never to return.

The Last Post packs have really caught the imagination of the public, with many returning the comment forms enclosed within each pack.

The comment forms all have a similar theme;

‘We were deeply moved and felt a strong connection to William Ripley and his family. We sensed the grief that must have been present in our house’
Recipient of Lance Corporal William Ripley’s letter
Southport Memorial


‘We felt emotional and very honoured that a war hero lived in our home once. Harold Mowbray Bibby will always be remembered by our family now. Thank you for doing this, we have wanted to know about the history of our home for a long time.’
Recipient of Lieutenant Harold Mowbray Bibby’s Letter
Bootle Memorial


‘I didn’t expect this. I was very surprised. Also felt very sad, to think a young man left his home, now my house, never to return. You have brought Charles back to life. He is now my soldier. I will keep and treasure the pack, if I move I will pass it on’
Recipient of Charles William Fletcher’s letter
Southport Memorial


‘How lovely it is to think such a brave man lived in my house. I shall go and find his name on the memorial. I would like to shake Frederick’s hand.’
Recipient of Private Taylor’s Letter
Ainsdale Memorial

The Beyond the War Memorial team hope that householders will treasure their packs and act as custodians of them; passing them on to future occupiers of the houses, as a link to the past and so ‘The Fallen’ will always be remembered.


Almost 2000 homes in Sefton received a 'Last Post' pack.