The Civic memorials of Sefton have inscribed on them the names of approximately four thousand Service men and nine women, who hailed from the area and gave their lives in World War One. The Service men fought the war on land, at sea, and in the air; across all the armed services. The women served in the nursing services both abroad and at home, or at sea as part of the crews of large ships.

The common factor they shared though is that they all did their duty and made the ultimate sacrifice, in the most brutal of conflicts, of which today we cannot begin to comprehend either the conditions or the slaughter. One on day alone in July 1916, the army suffered a staggering 60,000 casualties and during the same year, the Royal Navy lost around 6,000 men killed, in a single sea-battle.

Until now these once-vibrant, living men and women have remained with us simply as names chiselled in cold stone on the faces of the civic memorials.

This website aims in some way to give them their identities back and therefore help to perpetuate their memory.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we WILL remember them”